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Real Estate market in North Suburbs and Center of Athens

  • Vasilis Asteriadis | 08/03/2022 | 1 minute
Real Estate market in North Suburbs and Center of Athens

Ellika Real Estate analyzes the data to help its customers by answering to questions about the real estate market. Ellika Real Estate experienced partners talk about the market.

Athina Rampota analyzes how the market is progressing in the areas of Kolonaki, Exarcheia and Lycabettus. Explains why it is safer to choose a real estate agency as an intermediary in a purchase, analyzes the criteria by which people choose a property and other frequently asked questions.

Laoura Kontari analyzes how the real estate market in the Northern Suburbs is growing. How the market is shaped in recent years, why location is one of the most important criteria for choosing a property and what differentiates has Ellika from other real estate agencies.

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